Dirty Doctors Clips Its good to be the headmaster
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Its good to be the headmaster

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Im Headmaster at a posh Girls College for Mature Students and they Call me The Orible Headmaster, It was Wednesday afternoon and Half Day for the Girls so they all buggered off down the town giving me some peace and quiet so I lay naked on my bed enjoying a good Wank - As you do when one of the Girls, Molly, came back early and caught me! I invited her to help me and she was more than willing to get her hands on my stiff cock, two other girls turned up, Lily and Trisha and they too joined in the fun, It didnt take long for them to get their tits out and knickers off and the took it in turns to suck my cock and lick each others pussies before climbing aboard and riding my hard cock cowgirl after which I bent them over, lined them up and fucked them doggy style and fingered their juicy pussies, the afternoon was turning into a complete Fuckfest with the girls licking each others pussies sitting on my face and sucking my cock
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