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Happy endings massage

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Another day, at my happy endings massage parlor and my next client has just arrived so I waste no time in getting him face down naked on my bed so I can apply some soothing massage oils to his back and buttocks before turning him over to do his front. I remove my uniform so as not to get any oil o it and start to get to work oiling his cock. His cock is starting to get nice and hard as I apply the oil with both hands my client removes my bra and starts to play with my tits and I'm soon massaging his member between my ample breasts making it grow harder and harder. I'm now ready to climb aboard so I remove my panties. I climb aboard and slide his cock deep inside my juicy pussy and slide up and down on it savoring every inch of his solid meat, I turn around to ride him reverse cowgirl and bounce up and down taking his member deep inside me before dismounting to apply some more oil to his shaft. Auntie Trisha xxx
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