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Ladyboy Thippy takes a BBC

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22:42 23-07-2018
Thippy, invites in her latest fuckbuddy. They talk briefly and have some wine before they begin making out, Thippy exposing her breasts for him to kiss and fondle. She helps him remove his shirt to reveal his lean, muscular body. Thippy drops her dress and goes down on his big cock while she strokes her own stiffening member. Both cocks are hard when she takes him to the bed and hops on his dick in a reverse cow girl. She takes it balls deep as she masturbates and helicopters her boner around and around. He puts her on her back and thrusts away. You can see his beefy arms are nearly as thick as Thippys thighs. Her pleasure rises and she cums, releasing a long, juicy flow of jism down her dick and across her hand. Thippy keeps masturbating as he continues humping her. They move into doggy style and he fucks her more, eliciting moans of pleasure from both of them. He picks up his pace, slapping her firm, smooth butt cheeks. Finally he splatters his load all over that fine ass.
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