Amator Media The story of slave 7 (a classic)
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The story of slave 7 (a classic)

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We had in the past a lot of requests for the classic with Lady Isis and Slave 7, shood in 2004, here he is now remastered. The true story behind it: Locked up with unbelievable big balls since 3 Month 24/7 Slave Seven is in front of be Mad about his horniness. The Promise for Today was the release but the only thing he get is a real cruel CBT, a nasty teasing and a hard Strapon Fuck in his ass. The day ends for him of course without orgasm but looked up again for the next 3 months in the embarrassingly pink chastity cage. Seven was in real Live over 3 Years the 24/7 Slave for his Mistress!
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