Femdom Austria Amazonian giant mistress punishes her slave
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Amazonian giant mistress punishes her slave

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TallPrincess Violetta represents Bobby on the wall. The amazonian princess glamor oiling her before his eyes her great breasts and tells him she is not here to look at. But Bobby can not resist and have their divinely beautiful body, standing watch in front of him in his full size, admiringly. But each of his eyes is the proud great lady immediately punished with a few slaps. Then she steps in front of him and spit in his face. Again and again she spits it into her mouth and orders him to swallow their saliva. The ultra horny young lady looks at him and uses his face and his mouth as a spittoon. In between there is of it every now and then slaps on Bobby's cheek and all that still a lot of verbal humiliation.
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