Amator Media The Surprise Part2
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The Surprise Part2

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Part 2: MR. Big Balls is back. After having his small dick locked up 4 weeks for me in this XXS Chastity Device he is hornier than he has ever before in his life. So Today I want to play a very sadistic Game with him. First he must be degraded by wearing some nice high heels for me then he gets a Mask from me which makes him completely blind and at the end he must follow me dragged by the leash to my Dungeon. What he can not see is the nice fucking Machine waiting for him and his tight ass-hole there. So I check the money he must pay me for his release and tight him up at the Punishment Chair with the promise that he will get a nice Orgasm there. But Bullsh. when he realized what is my plan with him it is too late. Helplessly tight up he must endure a good fucking by the Machine for my amusement while I smoke a Cigarette and enjoy a glass of champagne. What a funny Evening for me....
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