Dirty Doctors Clips Happy endings massage with horny mature
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Happy endings massage with horny mature

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Welcome to my Happy Endings Massage Parlour My first client has arrived so hes stripped off ready and I lay him face down on the bed and start to massage his back before moving down to his Bum and legs then turning him over to work on his cock, I was getting warm so I asked my client to unzip my dress which I removed he then made it clear he wanted The Happy Endings massage. Having Established that my client wanted a Happy Ending I needless no time in oiling up his stiffening cock he then removed my Bra and I asked him to rum some oil into my tits after which I used my tits to massage his cock before removing my knickers and climbing on the bed so he could rub oil into my arse. My Client Was Rubbing the oil into my Arse Cheeks and it wasnt long before his probing fingers found my juicy pussy and he finger fucked me before I lay face down and he slapped my arse with his cock and the next I knew he was giving me a real good fucking after which I lay on my back and played with his cock .
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