Femdom Austria Slapped by two
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Slapped by two

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Cindy presents its friend her slave Richie Melady. It must humbly kneel on the ground in front of the two and comes to expect what. Melady reports Cindy, how they slap themselves at him can abreact. It misses him a couple of crashing slaps and Cindy finds it funny. This it laughs at Richie and it then presses Melady, it also misses it one. It immediately tries out Cindy and beats it also on the cheek. But like Melady thinks far too timidly. More strongly must plonk it down, tells it to her. And Cindy hits out harder. But Melady wants to see even firmer slaps of it. She knows her slave must suffer more. You shows Cindy shall knock her down again as strong, misses him a couple of replete slaps. Cindy then hits out hard again, too. Both slap her for Richie like a whipping boy as of and degrade him all the time about verbal.
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