Femdom Austria Learning a lesson bonded to the tree
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Learning a lesson bonded to the tree

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Melady brings its slaves Richie to the woods to assign a lesson to him. But still Richie suspects nothing. It makes him undress except for the pants. He then must go and stand at a tree. Richie suspects nothing good and asks his mistress astonished. But he gets to hear only insults and renewed orders of her. Melady then ties him to the tree with a rope and puts for him to the talk where he was after work. But what Richie also tries to explain, does Melady not accept any explanation? He it misses him a couple of slaps at once and spits in the middle of the face instead. Again and again then slap its hands against his cheeks and meet his face their saliva. To this it still degrades it verbally and swears at it vulgarly.  It finally goes away and wants to leave it on the tree in the woods so tied up. But when Richie moans at the top of the voice, it decides to return. It raises some roots and clods of earth and throws them on him while it is mocking him. And Richie then goes it final
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