Mature British Lesbians Molly's holiday present
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Molly's holiday present

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I had been away on Holiday and when I got back I just had to visit my good friend Molly and take her the wonderful present I had bought her while I was away, I just knew she was going to love it and she was thrilled to see it was a new super slim white vibrator with many functions and she couldnt wait to show her appreciation. We started to strip off and were soon caressing each others full and ample breasts and sucking on our hard erect nipples before moving our hands down between each others legs and rubbing our moist pussies, I just had to get Mollys Knickers off and suck on her juicy pussy lips before she lay back on the sofa and spread her legs wide for me. I spread her pussy wide open and buried my tongue deep inside and sucked all her delicious pussy juices before she started passionately kissing me so she could taste herself on my lips next she removed my knickers and It was my turn to lay back as she sucked on my clit and slid her tongue between my wet and warm pussy lips.
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