Dirty Doctors Clips Two very naughty nurses in a hot threesome
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Two very naughty nurses in a hot threesome

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Let me Introduce myself Im Head Nurse Trisha and I work at the Dirty Doctors Private Clinic in Geneva, today I am working with Nurse Savana and we are attending to that well known Performer and Stud Trickee Dickee who seems to have lost his MOJO so the doctor has sent Savana and I, two of his Naughtiest Nurses to see what we could do to rectify the situation. When we arrived he certainly was feeling sorry for himself but we reassured him we were the nurses that could restore him to his former glory, we started by sucking his nipples which seemed to get some response and he rose to the occasion so we took him in hand so to speak, we decided some visual stimulation was required so we started to strip off. Once I had removed my Bra he wasted no time in sucking my nice hard nipples while Savana got her mouth round his stiff cock we swapped over and he sucked Savanas nipples while I sucked his cock then Savana Joined me and we both feasted on his meat. Trisha xxx
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