Dirty Doctors Clips Warm Sweet Honey and the Trucker
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Warm Sweet Honey and the Trucker

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I had a parcel delivered and it was a bit heavy for me so I asked the Driver to bring it in for me, I wasnt fully dressed and I think he was turned on by my fishnets and 42 G tits and he soon got stripped off so I could suck on his stiff cock, I lay on my back and he removed my knickers and buried his face deep in my wet cunt. He gorged on by soaking wet pussy licking my clit and finger fucked my gaping cunt thrusting more and more fingers deep inside me until he was fisting me hard until I squirted all over the bed, I sucked all the juices off of his cock then kissed him so he could taste all my sweet juices. I slipped a condom on his stiff cock then bent over so he could fuck me doggy style deep and hard in my soaking wet cunt until he was ready to cum, I rolled over and spread my legs wide and parted my pussy lips and he jerked off in front of me and shot his full load all over my wide open cunt. Warm Sweet Honey xxx
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