Dirty Doctors Clips The Patient
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The Patient

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I had just come on duty with Nurse Claire and The Doctor had asked us to check on a patient. He was a bit delirious so we did our best to reassure him, on examination he seemed OK but we were worried about his reflexes and he said he had a pain in his Pelvis and on closer examination we could see why. The strain on his hips from his BBC must be horrendous so we set about giving him some relief. He had signed the consent form allowing us to give him whatever treatment we deemed necessary and beneficial to his recovery and both Claire and I decided we couldnt waste the opportunity to ride such a magnificent cock so we took it in turns to give him a good fucking, after which we quickly got dressed as we heard the Doctor Coming, he sent me on my way and then turned his attentions to Claire, and very quickly seduced her and after fingering and sucking her Pussy and making her squirt several times she gave his cock a good sucking before The Doc bent her overgave her a good Fucking.
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