Amator Media Natalie Black - A meeting with the fucking machine
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Natalie Black - A meeting with the fucking machine

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After my mechanic has built a new steel bondage toy for my studio last week now it's time to test it on my slave 23. I must say that he has done a great job, good mechanic! Completely defenceless and with tied up balls the Slave presents his Fuck Hole to me in an ultimate position. ... well then we'll start to open up the hole. I fuck my slave harder then ever in 3 differnt positions, oh what a nice moaning he can produce ... But that's nothing compared to the final that awaits him. This is indeed quite exhausting to fuck him that way... So the lady needs a cigarette break, and gives her Job to the Fuckingmachine ... What are you whining and complaining about ? Your asshole hurts???, Well you're the asshole and the machine can fuck you the whole night!
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