Dirty Doctors Clips Two sinful postulants
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Two sinful postulants

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Another Classic from the Archives Lovingly restored and remastered from back in March 2012 While I was away on Retreat with my fellow postulant we met priest Malcolm (The Masturbating Monk) in the Cloisters, we wondered why he disappeared into the woodshed every morning so decided to take a look, We were shocked to see he was playing with his cock, he said he had been cursed with a Permanent erection and was doing his penance so we offered to help, he took us into the Monks Lounge and he said he needed a lot of help so we decided to show him what we were wearing under our habits, soon we all were stripped off completely and were enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, priest Malcolm assured us that our acts of sexual deviance would help to cleanse the sole, well who were we to disbelieve him. Trisha xxx
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