Dirty Doctors Clips The Dirty Doctor rides again
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The Dirty Doctor rides again

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I was doing my rounds and I heard some noises so I went to investigate and I found the Dirty Doctor fucking nurse Lexie he immediately demanded I take Lexies place so I bent over and the doc fucked me doggystyle before fingering and stretching my pussy wide then giving me a good spanking. I slid over on the bed and give the Docs cock a real good sucking before I started fingering my pussy and squeezing his balls while he was wanking his cock. The Dirty Doctor was nice and hard again so he lay me on my back and fucked me hard before bending me over and fucking me doggy again. Next thing Nurse Lexie burst in declaring an emergency on ward 10 so the Doc sent me to deal with it while he once again fucked Nurse Lexie doggy style before turning her over and shooting his full load into her mouth and of course, I had to come and clean up. Nurse Trisha xxx
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