Femdom Austria Well deserved punishment
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Well deserved punishment

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Richie has allegedly looked at another woman in a disco; Of course Princess Barby not tolerates as a strict mistress of its slave of something like that; And he is subjected to a small interrogation so for the invoice in the room; He sits the hands at the back with handcuffs tied up like a prisoner on the ground; Barby yells at, it makes it the snail verbally; It shall talk about the occurrence; But Richie can tell nothing at all because something like that has not happened at all in truth; This has thought up only Princess Barby to tyrannize it; He shouts you, all the time into the ears breaks at the hair, he assigns him kicks and blows on the back of the head; What he shall say does not know Richie under the psychological intimidation any more; He only can this hope, it over is soon ..
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