Dirty Doctors Clips The Bailiff
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The Bailiff

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I had opened up a Happy Endings massage parlour as part of Trishas Franchise chain but I had not been doing that well and the landlord had been chasing me for the rent and sent a bailiff round from the James company to seize my assets. The Bailiff soon realized I didn't have much in the way of saleable assets so we did a bit of negotiation and he was happy to receive a massage as payment, so I got him stripped off and on the bed and I got to work on his assets. I gently rubbed oil into his back and thighs and his Pert Little Bottom before turning him over and getting to work on his very stiff and very large cock, I massaged the oil into his balls and pulled back his foreskin and rubbed oil into his bell end. He was getting very excited indeed and soon had loosened my dress and was fondling my big juicy tits which I made good use of by giving him a Tit Wank but I just couldn't wait any longer I just had to take his throbbing knob into my mouth and deep in my Throat. Savana xxx
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