Femdom Austria Couple gives a sea of piss to guy on the floor
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Couple gives a sea of piss to guy on the floor

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At MASTER HUMILIATOR'S COMMAND the paypig has stolen the money of its grinding poor loser parents to book an outrageously expensive apartment in the heart of the City for THE SADISTIC SEX GAMES OF THE DIVINE MASTER COUPLE. After MASTER HUMILIATOR and THE DIVINE PRINCESS have fucked royally in the kitchen and made a total mess, the TWO GORGEOUS, SADISTIC, YOUNG PEOPLE want to create a complete dirtiness in the bathroom. In the course of this Sh*tface has to serve BOTH OF THEM as an urinal. THE BLONDE DIVINE PRINCESS and MASTER HUMILIATOR are pissing into the wide open mouth of the 40 years old virgin Loser. While drowning THEIR cuckold-pay pig in THEIR GOLDEN NECTAR, PRINCESS and MASTER are taunting the gargling wimp in the meanest way. After the TWO SUPER HOT, YOUNG PEOPLE have emptied THEIR VESICAS, THEY make Sh*tface lick every drop off the floor it hasn't swallowed. While the pervert, disgusting creature at THEIR FEET is cringing in a sea of piss, PRINCESS and MASTER are
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