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The detective

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I had a visit from a rather Good looking young Police Detective called Tony James who had had reports that I was running a Brothel, I explained I lived in the apartment with my 2 sisters so in order to avert his suspicions I decided the best thing to do was to seduce him and soon had his cock out and he got my tits out and we were soon ready to play. I soon had his stiff cock in my mouth and I sucked hard on his thick shaft then he decided he wanted to fuck my big tits then I sucked him some more and licked his balls before he bent me over and fingered my pussy before sliding his cock deep inside my wet cunt. He pounded away hard making me wetter and wetter and his cock was getting bigger and bigger, I then sat on his cock Reverse Cowgirl and bounced up and down while he squeezed my tits I climbed off and licked all our juices off his throbbing knob before climbing on board once more until he made me cum. Trisha xxx
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