Dirty Doctors Clips Final examination
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Final examination

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Savana had been staying with us hear at The Dirty Doctors Sex Therapy Clinic as she had lost her MOJO but the treatment had worked wonders and she was due to be discharged All that remained was for me to give her a final examination, a very thorough examination, and before long we were stripped off fondling each others tits and sucking on our nipples, then after some serious titty play Savana lay back and I rubbed her pussy through her panties before sliding my hand down and rubbing her wet clit after which she removed her panties and I got between her spread legs and started fingering spreading and sucking on her wet juicy cunt and she soon reached a very satisfying climax, now it was her turn to return the favour so I lay back and removed my panties and Savana took no time at all to slide between my legs and start to finger my wet pussy and rub my clit hard before sucking on it which felt so good, she spread my pussy wide and buried her tongue deep into my juicy cunt.
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