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My nephews buddy

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My Nephew Buddy popped round to see me he had a few problems at home, his wife Sofie had found out he had been going to a few Swingers Clubs and she kicked him out and he needed somewhere to stay, well we got chatting about Swingers clubs and when he found out I frequented a few of the Local Clubs he felt a lot better about the whole situation and well one thing led to another, as they usually do and I soon had him stripped off and I started sucking on his stiff cock. I slipped my dress off and Buddy ripped open my tights as I stretched my legs over and sat on his face and he soon had his tongue buried deep in my wet juicy cunt, I sucked some more on his stiff cock before climbing on board and riding him hard while he squeezed my tits hard. Buddy laid me on my back and fucked me hard and deep pounding my wet pussy before laying back on the bed so I could ride him Reverse cowgirl, I bounced up and down on his stiff cock sliding it deep inside my cunt and squeezing his Balls.
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