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The Nightclub

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30:06 23-08-2017
I had gone with my boyfriend John to a nice little nightclub that was recommended to us by some friends, the girl behind the bar was called Michelle and she was really nice and she set everything up for us so we could have a game of pool, I wasn't very good so Michelle gave me a hand, we soon became very intimate and before I knew it she had my dress off and was sucking on my nipples, we soon got Michelle's dress off and started to play and I realised Michelle had a little more to offer than most girls. I sucked on the two cocks until hard then Michelle turned her attention to Johns cock while I licked her nipples, next I was back up on the pool table legs apart and Michelle bent over and sucked hard on my wet cunt while John Slid his thick cock effortlessly up her willing arse, he fucked her hard as she buried her tongue deep in my cunt and I soon reached a climax, but it was time for the bar to close, but we invited Michelle back to our place for more fun. Trisha xxx
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