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I'm working with my good friend Trisha at a Private school as a tutor and one of our students is having a few problems with his homework so we invited him round for some extra tuition. Soon we had his clothes off and he seemed very willing to learn and I turned our attention to his Big Black Cock and we were soon both sucking hard on his thick shaft and there was certainly enough for both of us. His cock was nice and hard and ready so I quickly climbed aboard and started to ride his massive cock, after a while, I thought it only fair that Trisha took a turn and after sucking him some more she climbed aboard and was soon Writhing about on his massive cock My turn again and he Fucked me from behind doggy fashion while I sucked hard on Trishas hot wet juicy pussy, I could feel he was getting ready to cum so Trisha and I lay side by side.
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